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Press Release: Phil Hendrie Up Close and Personal with Kevin Pollak

Pollak Reveals Larry David calls Hendrie “a F-ing Genius”

LOS ANGELES, August XX, 2011 – Actor Kevin Pollak invited his fellow actor and TRN/KFI-AM Los Angeles radio personality to be a guest on “Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show.”  The intimate setting comprised of a black back drop and the two gentlemen sitting across each other at a round table lent a dramatic yet comfortable environment in which Hendrie opened up unlike ever before in the two-and-a-half hour long interview.

            When asked who Hendrie derives inspiration from, he said Laurel and Hardy, Lenny Bruce, Jonathan Winters and most telling, Jackie Gleason.  Hendrie said of Gleason, “He was my Dad, a big man who would come through the door, ebullient and happy one night and the polar opposite the next…Gleason made anger and strife and the things happening in my home funny…Impotent anger makes me laugh my ass off!”

            Hendrie also revealed that the “Mmm, hmmming” Bobbie Dooley was inspired by his Mom. Hendrie says Dooley is, “a perfect dismissive suburban woman who is also a sociopath, not that my mom was a sociopath.”

            Pollak also told Hendrie about his friends who are long time fans of Hendrie such as Garry Shandling who has come by to watch Hendrie live in studio, as well as Larry David who said after seeing him at the Aspen Comedy Festival, “He’s a fucking genius.”

            Pollak asked Hendrie how his show fits in radio.  Hendrie said, “I’m in the tie-dye department of the tuxedo shop…If Rush and Howard are Corvettes, I’m an off-road vehicle.”  Pollak responded, “Damn you for doing something no one else is doing, no one else ever or has done.  Damn you for being original.  You’re going to have to pay a price forever for being one of a kind.” 



To view the live, in-studio interview:


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