The Best of 2002 – World Famous – Digital Download


A 2 disc set featuring Clara Bingham's “Grape Soda” and the immortal “Plane Go Boom” with Vernon Dozier and Bobby  Disc 1 Bobbi Dooley: The Cobra's Out Dave Oliva: Taliban Olympics David Hall: Valentines Day Tribute Father James McQuarters: A Wee peek Jay Santos: The Spelling Test Margaret Grey: Let's Kill Arafat Margaret grey: Snowbird Margaret Grey: The Greek Kabob Hut Paul “Tubby” Lane: Pissy pants Phil Hendrie: The Disclaimer R.C. CollinsWith Harvey Wireman: The Gunners Daughter Steve Bosell With Jeff Dowder: Pee In Pool Ted Bell: Wooden Leg Vernon Dozier: Plane Go Boom   Disc 2 Bobbi Dooley: Party At The Lake Bud Dickman With David Hall: The Show Monitor Chester Shunt: The Chester Stunt Show Chris Norton: Strip Class Clara Bingham: Grape Soda David Hall: Apologize to Condit Father Jame McQuarters: Holy Water Urination Jay Santos: The Virus Larry Grover: Christian Sex Lloyd Bonifide With R.C. Collins: The Dose Margaret Grey: A Tribute To Ann Landers Margaret Grey: This is For You Phil Hendrie: “The Disclaimer” R.C. Collins: Code Blue Vernon Dozier: Nukes

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