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Roy Hutchins contemplates going over to Steve’s house to bother him while his brother, wife and gardener Esteban do some planting in the front yard

Phil interviews Charley LeFountaine about texting while driving and how he was hit head on by a woman someone in HIS car was texting…Steve Bosell wants to talk about domestic spying but can’t take his eyes off some LAFD airplanes that are scooping water from a pond on his property in order to put out a fiire further up the canyon. Steve’s okay with that but he doesn’t want them joy-riding and “pressing ham” as they fly by, offending his 12 year old daughter. 

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    Matthew Bennett

    Happy B Day, thanks for the Tequila Tip.

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    Robert Schroth

    Enjoy your b-day, Phil… and here’s wishing you many more.

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