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Dr. Ed Elcott welcomes his guest Body Godberg, an Elector Saint of Elcott, to talk about a turf war with the Gurudedev Disciplite.

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    Austin Fleming

    Can’t deal with the new age Muzak in the background through the whole show!

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    Joni Ellsworth

    Phil, hubby and I would like to thank you for putting Dr. Ed Elcott on your show and letting him guest host. We are learning many valuable and beautiful truths from him. Please keep up the good work with your show and consider going on TV soon, or better yet, back to RADIO so we can listen to you and the gang without paying a king’s ransom to our niece. (We trust you know what that’s about). Thank you and have a very nice weekend. From your phans in SC!

  • Bonnie Kliewer
    Bonnie Kliewer

    I just finished listening. I like it when there is a story involved. It was very funny.

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