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Bobbie Dooley told Phil and the crew that Robin Thicke couldn’t help but “cup that woman’s ass” in a recentlt released photo since women are always manuevering mens hands into “sticking them down their fronts or slipping them under brassieres.”

Vernon Dozier spoke with Phil about a fast food workers strike in 60 cities across America today and the need for a 15 dollar an hour minimum wage. Vernon himself has been working the summer at McDonalds to augment his teachers salary and is forced to “lovingly and with great skill construct a perfect ice cream sundae for some bored 14 year old girl with a bad nail job because otherwise there are five old ladies breathing down my neck to take my job!”

Margaret Grey and David G. Hall jumped all over Phil for telling Margaret to tone down the drama in expressing her opinion on Syria. Phil didn’t like what Bud and Robert called “sloppy-jaw,” a way she had of relaxing the phrasing of words for impact.


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    david bell

    I remember my buddy telling me how he maneuvered his body so that the girl had no choice but to stick her hand down his pants. We were 15. Looking back he was probably full of it.

    On a different note I delivered to a pool supply place today. They had a product called Yellow out. Reminded me of Steve Bosell.

  • Bonnie Kliewer
    Bonnie Kliewer

    Sheb Wooley did Purple People Eater.

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    Orlando Rodriguez

    Hey, who is Sheb Wooley?

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