Show Log For Thursday, November 27, 2014

 In Phil Pheed

The Bobbie Dooley Thanksgiving Marathon, includes such classics as The Clothes-A-Thon, Peer Pressure, Mothers With Sons, Justin’s Grad Party, Turn Off The AC, and Mock Kidnapping! Originally aired November 2002.


Click here to listen now!

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  • TwiceRemoved77

    I thought I listened a lot 12 years ago but I never heard Bobbie say “are you going to tell her Phil?”, or any other character.

    Also, there were a couple clips in the middle that weren’t full segments like “mock kidnapping.” How can I find the rest of that one?

  • John Renzoni
    John Renzoni

    Thanks Phil. It made It easier pushing this truck down the road missing a holiday. Laughing my ass off! Have a Happy a Thanksgiving

  • Mike Munger

    At least i wasn’t all alone – I had Bobbie and Steve to keep me from crying ….

  • Joel Hendry
    Joel Hendry

    Right back at ya” Bonnie! Happy Thanksgiving Phil, u da shit mang!

  • Robert Schroth

    From your keyboard to God’s ears, John G.

  • John G.

    Happy Thanksgiving Phil.

    I found a Blog-Website where people who recently moved to Phoenix, AZ can offer honest criticism of the city:

    Oddly enough most people don’t cite heat as the biggest problem with Phoenix, rather it is the culture of Phoenix. Here is a good description of the problem:

    “Oh, I could come to love the desert and even the summer heat in the right circumstances. But it’s all about the people.
    Most of the jobs are low paying food service, retail or call center. And in these jobs and industries there is a lot of suspicion and resentment of someone who has more breadth of experience. In California I worked well with people from all walks of life, from top tier execs to manual labor. Not here. People are different here. More apt to LABEL and JUDGE. A pervasive attitude of SUSPICION and simmering HOSTILITY. And fast to flare up.
    Lots of low income people with poor education and an attitude of entitlement.
    And people who are higher on the economic ladder and really should know better act superior and arrogant one minute and thuggish the next.”

    This is a perfect description of what many people who moved to Phoenix, from many other states, cite as the main problem.

    Once the Hyperloop is built from Phoenix to Los Angeles, Phoenix will become another suburb of L.A., when that happens I think Phoenix might actually become a pretty cool place to live.

  • Bonnie Kliewer
    Bonnie Kliewer

    Happy Thanksgiving Phil and to all the crew and fellow BSP’s

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