We’ve subpoenaed Twitter

 In Phil Pheed
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  • terry

    Damn Phil…I’m just seeing this….probably some clearchannel shill or some other mega corps with a grudge…..or just assholes…..some people are just evil man. Fuck them up for all of us

  • Alan Davidson

    Giv’em hell Phil. All bullies need to be bitch slapped back to where they came from. Probably there parents basement. Love the show. ROCK ON!

  • Dean Anderson
    Dean Anderson

    Give em Hell!

  • Andrea Wasik
    Andrea Wasik

    I won’t be canceling my BSP anytime soon. I love you Mr. Hendrie. There, I said it.

  • Mumblix Grumph
    Mumblix Grumph

    Nothing says Merry Christmas like a subpoena.

  • Joy Boucher
    Joy Boucher

    Hey Phil I know you follow hip-hop have you been paying attention to Freeway Ricky Ross doing interviews and video recordings calling out the fake dopleganger hip-hop drug dealer Rick Ross amidst the new release of the film Kill The Messenger?

    I thought it was kind of an interesting parralel

  • Herb Sewell

    dear Phil,,im glad youre filing suit,, I hope you win , if its that bonesmoker Ipokesmot,, I hope you clean him the fuck out.. by the end of it,, he should be praying to clean the shit from your toilet.. I know you cant talk about it but,, to anyone out there fucking with the site, or Phil or BSP issues,, Phil will leave you butt up,, ungreased,, with a flower in it.. would love to hear what Mr Bozell has to say……. all my admiration,,,,, Herb

  • Bonnie Kliewer
    Bonnie Kliewer

    I’m glad you’re finally doing something about this guy Phil. You gave him all kinds of chances to stop and he didn’t. Maybe you’ll finally be rid of him now.

  • Rogelio Campos Jr
    Rogelio Campos Jr

    Let me guess … John AKA ipokesmot is up to his dirty tricks again. Since you have no life, John, and you probably spend all day reading these comments and messages, I have a message for you … get a life, you talentless loser.

  • Greg Garrow

    Sorry to hear you have to deal with all this bullshit. Thank you for an awesome website, show, and for all you do for your fans.

  • Joy Boucher
    Joy Boucher

    The talented are always dicked around with by the talentless. And you Mr. Hendrie are one talented mother [email protected]#&er!

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