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Saturday Cinema – March 25, 2017: “Attack of the Eye Creatures”

This one is so boring, General Shaw and guest commentator Warren Benman both fall asleep. Have fun!

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BSP-Only: Saturday, March 25, 2017

Phil chats with the BSPs on Facebook Live as we experience a few tech problems on the website.

The BSP Classic Hour: Margaret Gray is on to discuss her book about the human shield in Iraq. She believes she could be in line for a Pulitzer Prize for her work.

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BSP chat! Phil goes live at 9 PM PST…

For BSP Members only, our weekly live stream chat.

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Friday, March 24, 2017

Frazier Foods CEO Bob Green debuts his new podcast “Bob Green Today.” With his cohost, General Gaylen Shaw, Bob talks about his new promotion; he swears by a three piece suit and doing exotic dancing at women’s card games. Bob humps chairs and equipment as he demonstrates and gives a ‘words-eye view.’

The BSP Classic Show from September 2004 has Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police saying sex offenders are not such bad people once you get to know them. His brother Carl, for example, is a past offender but is a great guy and has a huge train collection.

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

One year ago, guess what we were talking about? You got it. Kim Jong Un. Ted Bell laments that he and other restaurateurs contributed to the epidemic of “waddle-fat” that guys like Un represent. Justin McElroy talks about a photoshop site called “Ogre Teen.” And the panel talk to show contributor Mark Henshaw after it’s revealed that he’s been caught on videotape having sex with PR guy Jake Bonron’s wife.

The BSP Classic Show is from October 16, 2003. Pastor Rennick is working to eradicate celibacy among youths. He says Pope John Paul doesn’t look too good, and celibacy is the work of the devil. Also Steve Bosell is suing over a basketball gambling loss because he’ll have to dress up as Kobe Bryant’s victim.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Don Micksa is another guy taking a bath and beyond being interviewed by Phil. Don talks about the downfall of Andrew Napolitano. Rudy Canosa spending so much time at Ted’s of Beverly Hills has caused his lingerie store in Sherman Oaks to go straight to hell. Bobbie Dooley deals with the suspension of Tomi Lahren and what that means to SlapFight I.

The BSP Classic Hour is from May 2002. RC Collins says that we should surrender with dignity and honor to Al Qaeda as a “tactical withdrawal” to survive. He says American men should “be prepared to give oral sex to their new Al Qaeda overlords.”

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Construction contractor Steve Bosell is back with stories of his daughter’s super liberal school and his fear of the floating heads in a Honda ad. RC Collins on the Netherlands baseball team and why there are so many black guys on it. Chris Norton on having to reshoot and redo ads for Norton Mountain since his new stage name is “Rex Rodd.”

The BSP Classic Hour is from September 2001. Pastor Rennick says reparations for American slavery have begun with the victories of blacks in the US Open and the numerous black NFL quarterbacks. Phil closes mentioning seeing his doctor about his vocal cords and getting cortisone.

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Monday, March 20, 2017

A Phil-only show with the panel getting another long weekend. Phil talks about seeing his ex again, the new website, Chuck Berry and the all-time great conversation starter: mortality.

The BSP Classic Hour is from April 2000.  Dr. Jeff Dowdder from CalTech joins the program to comment on the suggestion that the State of California might soon be turning human waste into safe drinking water.

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Special LIVE Stream SUNDAY at 6pm PST!

Sign into your All-Access Backstage Pass, head back to the homepage, and check the Phil Pheed for the link! Chat with fellow BSP’s and watch as Phil and the gang record the latest show. Broadcast begins at 6pm PST!

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Saturday Cinema – March 18, 2017: “The Payoff”

General Gaylen Shaw welcomes guest commentator Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police. The movie is “The Payoff.” It’s dog shit but does feature the charming Tina Thayer. Jay remembers ‘missions’ he’s been in.

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