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Show Log For Thursday February 27, 2014

                                                     Hi, sailor!

Phil discussed the Arizona anti-gay legislation with youth minister David Castorini. Reverand Castorini loves the sinner but hates the sin even though he himself bought an industrial sized can of Crisco “just to have and fantasize over but not act out on.” Phil also took the Kinsey test and despite having watched gay porn, Phil came out totally hereosexual on his score which bothered and confused Larry Grover. Pastor William Rennick came on to comment on Margaret Grey’s recent gospel breakfast. The song “Jesus has the Jiffy Pop” got the Pastor hungry and he went out looking for Cracker Jacks….

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Show Log For Tuesday February 25, 2014

Phil started the show talking about a jaywalking incident in Austin, Texas that turned into an international incident. Jay Santos from the Citizens Auxiliary Police joined the show to discuss the time he was dancing in the middle of a street to the song “Tighten Up” by Archie Bell and the Drells when he was struck by a car, not once but twice. Later Bobbie Dooley and husband Steve promoted their interview with the Sklar Brothers, soon to appear on the Bobbie Dooley podcast, and told Phil that they are part of the 1 percent and that all people in the top 1 percent income bracket should join together and “circle the wagons.” Frank Grey was out at Pomona test driving the new Tesla and tallking about the nude pictures he has of Margaret including one “where he’s holding a beach ball.”

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Show Log For Monday February 24, 2014

                         Everything pretty much normal speed in AZ

Tonight Phil announced that on March 15, the show moves to 9am PST, 12 noon EST. It will be a 90 minute to two hour live presentation with an on-demand podcast available. Meanwhile, the occasion of a leopard loose in an Indian village had Bud calling around forf an expert. He came up with a researcher, Dr. George Hevena, who studies monkeys. 

A new law in Arizona  governing businesses and their right to deny service to gay people had a Doug Dannger revisiting the show and engaging in another round of speaking in “short hand.” “I’m Doug Dang, I gay. Arizona, me gay, want lunch, no go. No love, gay food. Me go. No way. Me Doug.” ??