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A Brutal January Gives Way To Hope And Warmth The Rest Of The Way

This is Don Berman reporting. Flooding, high winds, torrential rains, surf that would freak the shorts off of a Corky Carroll or Hobie Alter…. yes it was all part of a horrifying January here in Southern California, one we all hope will not be repeated anytime soon. How about not until next January. Eh? Huh? Yah, that’s right. This is Don Berman reporting and I can assure you, that when it comes to covering the weather, the entire Channel 19 news staff…..will probably be taking a coffee break because, while we are available to do the one-shots from flooded barns or someone’s house sailing out to sea, Goldie Showers and the entire Channel 19 weather team…Rick Wett, Miranda Blowhouse, Charles Hotly and Gary Flood…are all over it like a bad smell. And by that I mean they’re good at what they do. Because even a bad smell serves its purpose. It’s how I know L. Ron Martin has arrived for work in the morning. Hahaha. Joking of course, L. Ron. You know I bow to you and your organized crime connections… I mean your organizational teamwork and skills. This is Don Berman reporting.