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I’d Rather Change Bedpans At A Retirement Home Than Be The Official Medical Voice Of The Phil Hendrie Show. I’m Kidding. – The Dr Jim Sadler Viewpoint

Hello. I’m sure there will be typos and grammatical car-wrecks galore in this essay but that’s the way the cookie crumbles when you write with such emotion as I feel now, have a bulked-up upper body as I have now and can’t do anything but sit and inhale the fumes of what I sit and live in as the result of my own choices. What am I saying? I’m saying that being the doctor that gets pulled out of bed or meetings or examinations to jump on the Phil Hendrie Show and give an “expert opinion” about something can be similar to entering a locker room where every member of a wrestling team has just used the same toilet and they’ve locked the door behind you, no air freshener. See what I’m saying? In other words, you are told “Hey Doctor Sadler, go into that room there. There’s gold and awards and publicity there” and you go in there only to have your head pushed into the crack of a fat man’s a**, forgive the crudeness. I have years of experience as a veterinarian, psychologist and in general practice but because I don’t use the big words, people think it’s fun to “push Doctor Sadler’s head all the way in” as the saying goes. Because I say “give me the thing you cut with” as opposed to saying “nurse, give me the scallop” (sp? see, I told you) I’m ridiculed, mocked and toileted by the Hendrie show, it’s staff and sponsors. And this after I go on and give my expert opinion about stuff. I know I don’t know the right words. But what I lack in knowing the right words, I more than make up for in getting the job done. That’s me. Doctor Jim Sadler. I get the job done!!