Friday, April 23, 2010

Tonight it was Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police telling Phil about "Operation Safe Streets" which is a campaign to go door to door and find out "how [...]

Friday, April 2, 2010

Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police made a quick return this week to talk about the "senior database" he's compiling. He and his subcommanders will [...]

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bobbie Dooley began the festivities saying that the best way to combat bullying was to go along with the kids and not be marked as a "spaz" or a "douchebag." [...]

Killer Xmas Trees!

Jay Santos joins the program tonight to discuss the dangers of Christmas Trees. They may be traditional but they are also lead to very horrific accidents. from December 2002.(0:00:00)

Kid Terrorists

Jay Santos is using pornography on children he believes to be potential terrorists to divert their attention while he searches their backpacks.(0:07:42)

Appetite Macht Frei? (complete segment)

If Space Station Mir hits Taco Bell's target, it's free tacos all around. And Jay Santos will be at your local Taco Bell to strong-arm and detain any possible free-taco-moochin' [...]

Gay Weddings

Jay Santos says he stole a brides bouquet at a gay wedding because he believes they were polluting a heterosexual tradition. from October 2003.(0:18:41)

Background Checks for School Kids

Jay Santos thinks there should be background checks for school children before they are allowed to walk into a store and buy a gun. from KFI.(0:31:40)

Operation: Child

Jay Santos states that Al Quida was successful in attacking the US due to Americans being flabby, that's why he's taking money away from kids in fast food restaurants! from January [...]

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