The Dooleys

Bobbie and Steve Dooley were created by Phil in the spring of 1997. Driving into KFI one night, Phil heard a monotone sociopath droning on about her husbands opinion that the Valley should secede [...]

Monday January 03, 2022

Margaret Grey and Bobbie Dooley debate whether or not you can put chicken bones down a garbage disposal.

Tuesday December 28, 2021

Coach Vernon Dozier thinks it's time he gets an NFL head coaching job. David G Hall has issues with Phil’s holiday traveling.

Wednesday December 15, 2021

The Dooleys, Bobbie and Steve, argue with Phil about whether or not his white listeners in South Africa are African

Friday November 26, 2021

Don Berman from Channel 19 News tells Phil that Wiff Zeno, the new sports reporter, is suing the station.

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