Background Checks for School Kids

Jay Santos thinks there should be background checks for school children before they are allowed to walk into a store and buy a gun. from KFI.(0:31:40)

Burn Your Birthday Money

Jay Santos and the C.A.P. are out in full force telling people that if they receive money for their birthdays with any type of writing on it that they should roll it up and smoke [...]

CAP Basketball Follies

Jay Santos joins the program to talk about the "Citizens Auxiliary Police Basketball Follies," a comedy basketball team he has devised that performs at California high schools. [...]

Checkin’ The Tire Tread

Jay Santos with the Citizens Auxiliary Police will be setting up checkpoints to check tires (to make sure they have sufficient tread) and to check tire pressure. They're also going [...]

Dressing Room Security Cam

Before Jay Santos joined the Citizens Auxiliary Police, he worked security at a department store. He's saved security tapes of patrons in dressing rooms... changing clothes, and [...]

Falling Children

Shortly after a woman dropped a child off a bridge, Jay explains that the natural human reaction to a crying baby is to throw it. from September 1999.(0:17:13)

Gay Weddings

Jay Santos says he stole a brides bouquet at a gay wedding because he believes they were polluting a heterosexual tradition. from October 2003.(0:18:41)

Grape Soda Will Keep You Safe

Jay and the rest of the Citizens Auxiliary Police believe that parents throwing pizza parties, keeping a healthy supply of Grape Soda and Sunny Delight around and getting the kids [...]


If your personalized license plates are a distraction, Citizen's Auxillary Police will flag you down! from May 2001.(0:27:40)

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