How Many Husbands Do You Got?

While Jay sticks up for the Polygamy lifestyle and the ability for one man to sexually satisfy twelve women, he's got a Mormon woman on the line letting him just how stupid he [...]

Invasive procedures on Patients

Jay Santos is performing routine Anthrax searches on hospital patients the easiest way he knows how… holding them down and shoving microscopes up their nasal cavities. Hear [...]

Is Your Sister Asian Too?

Citizens Auxillary Police rep Jay santos believes that people shouldn't drive SUV's unless they plan to go offroad. from January 2002.(0:01:27)

Jay Santos on Sex Offenders

The head of the Citizens Auxiliary Police thinks having recently released child molesters over for a barbecue is a dandy idea.

Kid Terrorists

Jay Santos is using pornography on children he believes to be potential terrorists to divert their attention while he searches their backpacks.(0:07:42)

Killer Xmas Trees!

Jay Santos joins the program tonight to discuss the dangers of Christmas Trees. They may be traditional but they are also lead to very horrific accidents. from December 2002.(0:00:00)


Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police has some strong suspicions about a mother who "accidentally" dropped her infant from a suspension bridge. from September 1999.(0:35:28)

Lifetrack Computer

Jay Santos discusses Lifetrack, new software that keeps track of every piece of information that goes into your computer and downloads it onto a government computer. from KFI.(0:36:43)

Mountain Trash

Jay santos of Citizens Auxiliary police explains why we need to be suspicious of people who live in the mountains. Featuring a special appearance by Major Elvis Newton! From May [...]

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