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Show Log For BSP-Only: Saturday, October 1, 2016
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Phil talks to the BSP’s about more forthcoming Vegas ideas.

Our Classic show from October 1, 2002 frankly has no show log. It’s a mystery. We’d appreciate any BSP giving us a couple of sentences. The very first we receive in our comments section will win a Phil picture disc from 2000. Thanks!

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  • TwiceRemoved77

    -Some weasel calls from Dallas where PHS wasn’t live, but he knew what time it was on, because he’s from AZ and regularly listens. Proceeded to rip PHS staff a new one. Aram? was his name. Sounded like Phil realized “how’d this jackball get through?”

    -The co-winners of the Jay Santos T were Mark and Jeanette.

    -Phil talks about how he walked out of a Dinero film called The Fan, because in real time, there was a bleep over an expletive.
    …..which in one of the Phlash Backs, where Larry Grover talks to Season, and he calls her a lesbian and she says “so what?” but she dropped an bomb and was bleeped and kept talking.

    Her call wasn’t dropped, so I’m assuming the cuss went over the air then? And if so, why did it get beeped for the website?

    Steve Dooley to the British caller “Have you ever eaten a meat pie?”
    Bobbie Dooley to the British caller “Thanks for John Lennon but piss off.”

  • Robert Diaz
    Robert Diaz

    Hey, I like your editorial opinions and history knowledge. You’re a great teacher.

  • stephen steinbach
    stephen steinbach

    Dean Wheeler creates an ad campaign using kids to oppose the war with Iraq in order to save his import/export business. Father Jame James McQuarters chimes in to support Dean. Then Harvey Wireman talks about not letting women join Augusta.

  • stephen steinbach
    stephen steinbach

    Also Phil I called in hr 3 day 1 KFI in 96. Something about massages with Margret. This was after David Hall talked about sacking Mr. KFI? Do you have that bit, I would like to hear that again. As I recall people were very upset at David the first night on KFI! Thanks huge P1.

  • David Riley
    David Riley

    BSP Phil-In

  • Avatar

    Hour 1- Dean Wheeler is trying to stop the Iraq War by having kids sign a letter with his company name on it. He tells them if they dont, mommy and daddy might resemble chili soon.

    Hour 2- Harvey Wireman doesn’t want women in Augusta to play golf. He says they wouldn’t want to be there anyway because if stag parties. Etc.

    Hour 3- Phil discusses the origin of “all the way to the FBI” and callers do their best impressions. Real people!

  • Brian Seldt
    Brian Seldt

    *Techno music intro* Dean Wheeler Import/Export businessman is against war in Iraq for humanitarian reasons though he makes $6.5 million a year from the country. Phil suspects his interests have to do with losing money. Then Dean is threatening school kids into signing a letter to Bush to not wage the war.

    Harvey Wierman argues that women don’t belong in the Augusta golf club.

    Larry Grover feels cheerleading teaches girls how to nag.

    Phil has callers imitate the FBI line from “Silence of the Lambs”
    Bobbie Doolie comedy gold

  • John In LA
    John In LA

    …almost forgot….HR 3 near end, Vernon Dozier flashback…he’s upset because his brunette wife promised to dye her hair blonde – he’s impotent w/brunettes…

  • James

    Wheeler doesn’t want the war in Iraq because he will lose business

  • John In LA
    John In LA

    Show is single audio file, hours are approx – HR 1 – Phil does great riff about hotel pay-per-view softcore porn…gives shout out to the (then) Anaheim Angels and manager Mike Sciosa – who Harrey Carey refers to as Sik-oasha…talks about ex-Angels pitcher Donnie Moore who eventually committed suicide, who many people feel was due tohim giving up a Home Run to Dave Henderson in the 1986 ALCS…David G Hall flashback: company will pay for your medical benefits until you get cancer, ’cause that chemo is expensive and we’d rather spend the money on things like sending management on vacation cruises…Phil talks about Val Kilmer being slated to portray legendar porn star John “The Wad” Holmes and starts a riff about the brutal Wonderland Murders Holmes was involved in back in June 1981…HR 2 – the actual brutal details of the Wonderland murders…Deb Turner of the Womens’ Democratic Power League demands that Barbara Streisand be given a seat in the cabint, in various security briefings and have keys to the missile silos at SAC in Nevada as a check and balance against President Bush, who is a liar (after all, Streisand has Oscars, Emmys and frequently looks out of the window of her limousine in ‘bad’ sections of various cities)…HR 3 – Phil talks about Streisand reading a quote she thought was Shakespeare and then back-peddling after it was revealed it was NOT the Bard…Phil discusses what it means, in his view, to be an American patriot. Larry Grover, Conservatives of Kern County, joins the program to explain he’s filing for custody of his children because his daughter Kim is a cheerleader, and cheerleader’s are taught to ‘nag’ everyone which causes male impotence.

  • Avatar

    Dean Wheeler tries to stop the war in Iraq to save innocent babies, pregnant women and all the cripples. He employs some questionable tactics to win people over to the peace movement (hint: it involves beefaroni). His effort has nothing to do with 6.5 million dollars he makes from doing business there. A cameo appearance by Phil’s daughter!
    Harvey Wireman with some straight talk about why women aren’t allowed at men-only clubs like Augusta National Golf Course. If the women are attractive, maybe it would be okay.
    A classic flashback where Larry Grover details how cheerleaders are contributing to male performance anxiety.
    Phil has an interesting interaction with some callers performing impersonations of Hannibal Lecter. All the way to the F.. B.. I…
    Bobbie Dooley gets upset when battered women actually wear the clothes she donates to a battered women’s shelter.

  • Avatar
    Dean Martindale

    Phil and Dean Wheeler discuss the Iraq war, women, children, cripples and the price of peace…$6 million in the case of Dean Wheelers import/export business!

  • Charles Henry
    Charles Henry

    Dean Wheeler is against the war in Iraq and wants school children to write President Bush to ask him to stop the war… sending the kids letters saying if they don’t write the President, their parents might be turned into chili. Is he really concerned about the Iraqi people, or is the war screwing up his import/export business with Iraq? Callers are PISSED!

    Comedy Gold – OMG, Father McQuarters is also against the war, but his protest involves showering with naked boys. Callers are PISSED!

    Harvey Wireman – “Most Women Know They Don’t Belong at Augusta” Callers are ENRAGED!

    Phil warns multiple times during the show that he is doing all the voices – do the callers listen – hell no!

    Comedy Gold, – Larry Grover believes cheerleading is immoral and makes men impotent. It teaches women to nag. Callers think he’s DERANGED!

    Phil rants about bogus saints.

    Chapter of “Do it like the guy did it in the Movie” contest for a Jay Santos T-Shirt, this week Silence of the Lambs.

  • Anton

    Dean Wheeler is asking schoolchildren to write letters to President Bush discouraging him from continuing the war efforts in Iraq. Dean doesn’t want the Iraqis pissed off at the United States because it would negatively affect his import/export business.

  • Avatar

    The Classic show is actually from October 3, 2002 and here is the show log from the Ultimate PHS episode guide (not mine):

    Hour 1: Dean Wheeler is threatening kids, saying something might happen to their parents if they don’t send anti-war letters to President Bush. Mommy and Daddy don’t have to become cold stew if they start writing. Dean is making a cool $6 million a year from Iraq defense contracts. Dean has it out with caller Merrit during the last 10 minutes, asking her if she shaves her legs and genitals to test if she’s a Green Party member.

    Hour 2: Harvey Wireman is with the Augusta Country Club and doesn’t want women in it. He refuses to answer if they’ll allow women, saying they just don’t want to. Phil closes talking to a young listener who wants to be a talk show host, and asks if you have to be rude to make it in the business.

    Hour 3: Do It Like the Guy Did It in the Movie – Silence of the Lambs – Anthony Hopkins Edition (1:28:25)

  • Avatar

    You are awesome to make sure us BSP folks always have content..thanks for you all you do Phil#

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