Saturday Cinema – October 1, 2016: “The Cabinet of Dr Caligari”

This silent film classic from 1920 doesn’t impress General Gaylen Shaw or RC Collins!

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    Johnny Kielbasa

    I had to write a paper about this movie in college. Painful.

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    May I recommend, “Nosferatu” and “The Golem” next? Maybe have Arthur Barn do Nosferatu?

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    Simon Booth

    Anyone else notice that the movie was made in 1920 but the year given in Roman numerals is 1952? Weird little things I notice sometimes.

    General Shaw and RC funny as hell as always.

  • Rory MacLeod
    Rory MacLeod

    That was a movie, all right.

    I’m looking forward to a thorough examination of the sum-sum-ambulists.

  • Andrew

    Phil can I request a song for Ms. Grey to sing? ‘Lucky Man’ by ELP. Bud can play (or sing) the keyboard solo at the end.

    • Phil Hendrie
      Phil Hendrie

      That’s brilliant. I’ll get Ms Grey “on it” (pardon the filth)

  • stephen steinbach
    stephen steinbach

    Also Phil I called in hr 3 day 1 KFI in 96. Something about massages with Margret. This was after David Hall talked about sacking Mr. KFI? Do you have that bit, I would like to hear that again. As I recall people were very upset at David the first night on KFI! Thanks huge P1.

  • stephen steinbach
    stephen steinbach

    Dean Wheeler creates an ad campaign using kids to oppose the war with Iraq in order to save his import/export business. Father Jame James McQuarters chimes in to support Dean. Then Harvey Wireman talks about not letting women join Augusta.

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