Classic Hour

Saturday, February 24, 2018

It’s the Friday BSP Chat, adding new names to the map, talking all kinds of highly personal shit.

Our BSP Classic Show is a real gem. It’s Phil live at KFI radio’s Stimuland event from August 1999!

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    Richard Cisneroz

    Who da

  • Anthony

    In our society we have the lunatic fringe that shoot up schools and movie theaters Then we have the spoiled ass holes that think theyre cool by logging bad reviews on various businesses. Then we have a group off millenials that think they are entitled to anything they want. Of course we have the gang bangers and the terrorists who think life means nothing. And finally at the bottom of this scrap heap we have a small percentage of BSPers who whine about more content. Well as General Shaw might say I don’t give a sweet JC what you whiners want I’m just glad Phil hasn’t retired yet.

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    I was too sleepy to chime in, but as per the discussion of memorable insults, somehow I always find it oddly hilarious every time Margaret calls somebody “homeboy”.

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