Saturday Cinema: February 24, 2018 – “Silent Night, Bloody Night”

General Shaw and special guest Jeff Dowdder roll out the first Christmas horror film ever made, a real bomb called ‘Silent Night, Bloody Night.” The film does, however, boast some big names including two from Andy Warhol’s films, Ondine and Candy Darling, as a mental patient and a psychiatrist, respectively.

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    These always cheer me up, the moment I hear that “Hurray for Hollywood” theme.

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    Nice piece of garbage. Loved the commentary.
    Mary Woronov is one of my favs… she’s in a lot of B-movies. Roger Corman. Check out Rock’n’Roll High School!

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    Don MacDonald

    The actor who played Jeffrey Butler (James Patterson) died in August of 1972 which was three months prior to the November 1972 release of this movie. Spooky!

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    Don MacDonald

    Love the combo of Jeff and General Shaw almost as much as the pairing of Jeff’s counsin (Chris Norton) with General Shaw which in my opinion is the top SNC duo. Thanks Phil. One would imagine that Thanksgivings with the Norton’s and Dowders is a mind numbing yet hilarious experience.

  • apathy2673

    My kind of movie. A high body count, axe murdering, blunt force trauma, eye gouging, blood drinking, guns shooting, mental zombiing MORE axe murdering, burning stuntmen and MARY WORONOV. I’m going to lay down now and have foul thoughts about her.

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