Classic Hour

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Phil chats it up on another Friday night, playing some of the new bits, recently uploaded.

The BSP Classic Hour is from January 2006. Alf calls in from Miami and he’s at a deli that sells the “Hendrie Dog,” in honor of Phil.

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  • mloscherffg

    I just ate a donut…

  • TwiceRemoved77

    If you’re not there (Friday Night Chat), you’re square (no audio for you).

  • Don Best
    Don Best

    No audio today. I’m a cheap old audio only but proud to be a BSP.

  • Avatar

    Is there no audio-only again? Oh well, as Marty noted, “still love Phil.”

  • Loren Keller
    Loren Keller

    “Better than television.”

  • Avatar

    Anyone else not getting the option to scroll ahead? I’m using a Chromebook.

  • Avatar

    Looks like Phil forgot to turn on Audacity, yet again, to record the audio only. It’s really hard to listen to the video stream on a phone, since it locks out doing anything else on it while listening, and is very hard to scroll ahead:)
    Still love Phil!

    • Avatar
      Dean Vendouris

      I’m on a Windows computer and haven’t been able to fast forward for the last several day’s shows. It’ll only start/pause, but doesn’t show the time stamp so you can continue where you left off the previous day for example.

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