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Friday, February 2, 2018

Guest hosting is General Gaylen Shaw who interviews Daryl Bakeman, a “special ops veteran” of not Delta but Zeta Force. Vernon Dozier jumps on the line to vent. He’s got a real problem with Bill Belichick.

The Classic Hour is from December 1999. “Soft Drinks for Minorities” Brass promotes “minority friendly” soft drinks such as Yoo-hoo, Otter Pop, Squeeze-It, Bubble Up, and Dr.Brown’s Cream Soda. 

Episode 1086 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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  • Michael Hoffmann
    Michael Hoffmann

    Holy shit – I had to listen to that Daryl Bakeman interview about 4 times just to catch all those one-liner gems — so goddamn funny.
    “Going bagless..”
    “Is there donkeys?”
    “If Zilla enhanced himself for a move toward Korea…”
    “I don’t even know myself anymore – the stuff what I do”

    He sounded like an LSD-damaged, military obsessed, psychotic cousin of Jeff Dowdder – no wonder I loved it.

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    This isn’t showing up on the RSS feed 🙁

  • TwiceRemoved77


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