Classic Hour

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Phil chats it up with the BSPs. King Kapp checks in from Japan in the “Bad Girlz of Comedy” show he saw.

The BSP Classic Hour is from August 2001. Steve Bosell was in the restroom of an Outback Steakhouse when a guy walked in and said ‘who died in here’. Steve experienced PTSD.

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  • King Kapp
    King Kapp

    Awesome chat Phil and fellow BSP’s. I’m World famous now!

  • Avatar
    Andrew Wiley

    Any whiny conservatives today?

  • Avatar
    Chris Lettow

    Once again- no audio??

    • Avatar

      I was hoping for the audio too. Wanted to catch up on the half of the chat I missed. Giess I’ll take a page out of Kenny Slag’s book at throw it away…

    • Avatar

      I have an audio-only account so it’s frustrating for me to see no audio-only option download.

  • TwiceRemoved77


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