Classic Hour

Saturday, March 31, 2018

It’s a BSP Chat as Phil plans on hooking up with everyone in Vegas. Also, another BSP is the victim of a hit and run…

The BSP Classic Show is a series of classic hours played on March 4, 2004, I guess for the f*ck of it!

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    Really not looking forward to 50 now, thanks Phil…it’s like I just found out Santa Claus doesn’t exist, only with butt involved.

  • TwiceRemoved77

    Audio! Cheers!

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    Andrew Wiley

    So what’s the date of the Dean Wheeler Anal Ease show?

  • August

    Hopefully I’ll make a near full recovery from the road rage/hit and run incident. I’ll be in a car instead of on a motorcycle from now on. The doctor seriously doubts I’ll be shifting properly on a bike bar a miracle. Thanks for putting the word out Phil! I want to find and sue the shit out of this asshole!

    • Rogelio Campos Jr
      Rogelio Campos Jr

      I hope you get better soon, “August”

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