Classic Hour

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Our video chat from last night. Plus the BSP Classic Hour From August 2005 featuring restauranteur Ted Bell.

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    Awesome! A return (briefly) of Dr. Arthur Barn! Even though he was only in a few episodes, there were some tremendous laughs in those bits (especially when he reveals one of the ways he puts the garlic in the vampire’s mouth). Glad I could make this chat. Cool hearing that Phil had been to Shanghai, which is where I am now. I would say it’s still possible to find things to do until 3AM and walking around the city at night is fairly safe (so I’ve been told, HA! HA!)

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    Anyone reading this call this number: 707-813-2338.. It’s a scam that said my Microsoft computer was going to get me arrested on felonious charges! I don’t have a Microsoft computer. An Indian twat waffle answered, walked me through the steps to remove such spyware, and finally I replied with a Larry Grover line I believe it was: “You Indians can pack up your tee-pees and go back to India!” Told my sister to call, got the same walk through, then she asked “There’s a cow on my screen, should I worship it or EAT IT?!?” The answer was FUCK YOU!! They’re out of Ft. Bragg CALIFORNIA which makes no sense, there’s only one Ft. Bragg and it’s where patriots train to protect: Ft. Bragg NORTH CAROLINA!! Call these asshats and Fuck with them the best way BSP’s know how: different voices/area codes/genders! I was my best at Darryl Webber, Dean Wheeler, Ted Bell, and of course Lloyd Bona fide!! That number again is 707-813-2338. Have fun brothers and sisters!!

  • eaglecoyote

    Phil! The BSP chat re-broadcast was fine!
    Thank you as always

  • TwiceRemoved77

    If there will be no audio file made available for the FNC, maybe, just maybe the video can be made open to all. And then I’ll strip the audio for my own pleasure.

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