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Friday, October 5, 2018

Margaret Grey believes she belongs in jail with Amy Schumer. Deane Wheeler addresses controversy surrounding a stretching class and him in a thong. Ted Bell busts Margaret’s quoting of George C Scott in “Patton.”

The BSP Classic Show is from June 2006. Pastor William Rennick joins the program to talk about the new “prayer card” system at Joyful Union Congregation. The Pastor has begun monitoring what his church members are praying about.

Episode 1261 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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    Pastor Rennick reminds you to tithe on the gross, not the net. All while his last trip included a 7 day layover in Amsterdam.

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    Tom Arnold

    Amy asked to be arrested.

    • Tim

      She is like a true warrior…or something…

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        True….she is real bad ass…..ha ha…..

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        Karolynn Decker

        The cops told her to leave the area of the protest.
        She refused. He then asked her if she wanted to be arrested. She said yes. She chose to be arrested rather than to stop protesting. It’s called civil disobediance. If you don’t want to try to fight a cop that is really the only other choice in that scenario.

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