It’s time for Sunday services with Dr Ed Elcott!

Our usual Sunday morning service is live from the ELCOTT Redeemery in Wanpaugh, NY and hosted by Dr Ed ELCOTT. Join us.

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    Gary Harper

    The “lonely Surfer”. Phil could have made a living choosing bumper music for people..
    Old School BSP

  • Christin P
    Christin P

    I feel alive in the sprit when I hear Elcott! PRaise the Holy Name of Donovan

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    Ahhhhhhhhhhh……so relaxing indeed. I’ve been playing ‘Elcott the next step” on a loudspeaker in my back yard so the entire neighborhood can share in the good news, I sure get a chuckle when I see them, one by one levitating high into the afternoon sky….Thank you Elcott, oh God thank you ….All hail Elcott

  • David Jefferson
    David Jefferson

    clean people no like me

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