Classic Hour

Memorial Day and Phil, by himself, talks shop with the audience and how the show as evolved up to this point. Includes highly personal observations and memories. Well, we might be overselling that a bit.

Then for the BSP Classic Hour, from May 30 2000, Bobbie Dooley claims that breast-feeding kids until they’re 13 helps keep them slim.

Episode 652 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • Ivan

    Awesome stuff Phil.

  • Chris

    Really interesting stuff. thanks

  • Avatar
    Warren Siciliano

    If I were a rich man….. I would build one staircase going up (to the deck) and one even longer coming down….

  • Andrew

    It’ll take a cost analysis based on your utilities where you live to determine if you should go gas or electric for your hot tub. Generally gas is a little pricier to operate and maintain. As for the access point, I don’t know if you plan on having guests up there, but the last thing I’d want is the only access point being through my master BR. I don’t want even the best of friends traipsing through my bedroom or pissing in my master bath.

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    John Steiner

    I believe you’re mistaken about the age of the word “prank.” Merriam Webster says that it’s first known use was around 1529 and it was used in the same way as it is today.

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    Don Sloan

    Great hour, Phil. Enjoyed hearing your take on your history… and the bit on announcing to houseguests the cost of paintings was LOL. Will never forget the KFI days (where I found you so many years ago), but have come to dig the new format, too. How you ever did 3 hrs of live call-in radio, all week long… amazing. Bottom line for me… you’re a unique, kind, brilliant artist (or genius whack job depending on one’s POV) and I’m glad you’ve survived “the biz” for so long. Hope you hang in there for many years to come… and enjoy the life you’ve created for yourself professionally and on the beach in what sounds like a very sweet crib. With respect and great appreciation for all you’ve given your listeners…

  • Avatar

    Now THAT’S compelling radio. David G. Hall and I agree that more personal reflections from Phil would be welcome.

  • Roseann

    Phil, I must say that the current iteration of your show is far and away, hands and feet, KILLER better than all the previous variations. It’s why I now pay you the big bucks! I have all your CDs, have been listening for over 10 years and am now happiest I’ve ever been with you. Thank you.

  • David Jefferson
    David Jefferson

    people can talk about how good this show is but i remember when he was on in 2005 and it got tiresome after a hundred several hour shows
    this show is great

    wonderful THE BEST!

  • Avatar

    thanks for your openness and honesty,, im a part time artist and paint in the style of Jackson Pollack,, I love art and encourage all to get into it,, thanks again for what you do for us,,you’re a true artist in every sense,,,,

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    Don MacDonald

    I don’t get what the radio big wigs didn’t get about your radio show. It was a friggin parody of talk radio and funny as hell to boot. No wonder radio is in dire straits. Thank god for the digital age and the podcast medium.

    • Randy

      I’d say these radio exec douche bags took themselves way too seriously. “We’re a legit radio station here, how dare you poke fun at our own industry!” They didn’t care if it was genius entertainment. Couldn’t see past their own egos.

  • Avatar

    Great show, Phil.

  • Avatar

    It’s a shame because the original show was heads above Limbaugh, Stern and any other big names. It made them look infantile and no one seems to realize it. The universal unrecognized artist because it’s so far ahead of it’s time.

  • Robert Pellicano
    Robert Pellicano

    That was a good talk. It always brings the listeners a little closer. It was nice spending an hour with you, today.

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    Vance Cerasini

    I really enjoyed Phil’s observations and reflections today.

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