This episode features Lloyd Bonafide from April 2002 in a classic moment of Lloyd’s grandfatherly nature towards his grandson. The original Spiderman movie had just come out and his grandson was just thrilled, but Lloyd was upset because he thought a real life hero would be a Navy man. So Lloyd gets into his old uniform, and well, it didn’t quite have the reaction he was hoping for.

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  • Larry Richardson
    Larry Richardson

    I agree. Lloyd Bonafide is great and so is General Shaw. But together- OH BABY!!

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    jason bell

    Shaw is a tough bird, but Lloyd blacks out and wakes with clumps of chest hair in his fists.

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    Donald Guill

    Hey Phil when you going to get Loyd Bonified (Korean war veteran) and General Gayland Shaw (Vietnam war veteran) together to see who was in the most SHIT!

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