All things Donald Sterling this morning with Mavis Leonard being not so much concerned with Sterling as she was for the bad play of the Clippers who were “dogging it up and down the floor all game.” She wasn’t impressed with their response which was “pussy” in her opinion. Professor Emory Clayton was in firebrand mode. He wanted a full boycott and a Clipper win Tuesday night. So the Clippers go up 3-2 in front of absolutely no one. Larry Grover thought the entire thing was an invasion of Sterling’s privacy while his mother Gloria intimated that Larry was spanking it to Sterling’s girlfriend…

And Bobbie Dooley reviewed the Spring-tacular…

Episode 108 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    Teresa McMullen

    Phil blocks anyone on FB that posts anything that he doesn’t like. I posted that his show didn’t make you live longer and I’d rather he not make political statements. Banned. Been a listener since he was on KFI, a backstage pass member forever, and that’s all it took for him to run me off.

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    John Pace

    All that said, I thoroughly enjoy hearing Gene Wifner hit Steve Dooley. Wifner is a stud and probably feels like Donald Sterling does. Soulja boy 4 lyfe, rite?

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    John Pace

    Thank God that BS show is over. When a black person samples a baby crying in his rap song, it’s phine phor Phil to call him a ‘n-word’. I’m not discounting what Sterling said, but don’t act like you’re a saint, Phil.

    Oh hey, when will you let me like or comment on the Facebook fan page again? Probably never, right?

    You blocked me after I called out how the Classic Show Podcast was just repeating itself over and over and over and over again. Now, instead of repeating itself, it just barely gets updated. Anyway, let me back in your inner circle. I’ll make ya feel good. Just know that I’ll continue to call you out for all of your hypocritical stances.

    And imagine that… no one else can run your social media because no one else knows what you… uh… know. Jesus.

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