Korean War veteran Lloyd Bonafide is pissed off at the gas hogging SUVs and the “soccer whores” that drive them. He thinks they’re treasonous and he starts siphoning their gas. From December 2001.

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    Donald Guill

    Phil,I know Lloyd is getting old ,but out of all your characters over the years, you played him well my friend. When I am driving my truck in the middle of the night and I start getting a little tired I play Lloyd Bonafied,and I laugh my ASS off and it wakes me up. I thank you for all the laughter you have brought to the inside of my cab in this 18 wheele,over the years. When it’s all said and done Phil,he will be one of the funniest f****** that’s ever been on radio will never be nobody like you never I hope you have a lot of years to go yet I hope I do too you’re about 10 years older than I am anyway Merry Christmas old man.

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