Merry Christmas!

“Elcott The Next Step” takes it to Palm Springs for “the immersion” (he’s in a hot tub) on what you call Christmas and what Elcott calls “the Day of Expectation.”

Episode 280 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams

    Great show!

  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams

    Why didn’t they re play the Christmas Carol from another year???

  • Brent Bradley
    Brent Bradley

    LOL… You said your staying at a famous resort that you will not reveal to us but it has the name of the resort on your robe.

  • WilW

    Elcott The Next Step. This is why I’m cancelling my BSP.

  • jeff richey

    Crying, laughing so hard specially at the end of the video cast! Thanks Phil!

  • jeff richey

    Crying, laughing so hard at the end of the video cast! Thanks Phil!

  • Donald Guill

    Hey Phil looking good for a old man!

  • Alex

    @August: The remote equipment was set to record in MP3, but our video player was looking for the standard AAC audio that we use. I just re-converted the videocast and re-uploaded it, and that seems to have alleviated the issue. Cheers!

  • Alex

    @August: We’re working on it. The audio works for now (the MP3 and WMA files), and locally it works on the videocast too, but for some reason not on the server.

  • August Spillers

    no audio?

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