Austin Amarca, the owner of an auto repair shop, is suffering from all kinds of physical and emotional ailments (Bell’s Palsy to road rage), because of stress from explaining auto repair to female customers. From February 2004.

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    @Jason Oberg – I agree man. I wrote my master’s thesis with almost non-stop Hendrie and I even thanked him on my dedication page. Phil’s name is now connected to some boring medical research thesis, stuck in the annals of medical research for history’s sake.

  • Charles Parker
    Charles Parker

    Great show!

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    Dennis Christensen

    I believe that was Brass Villanueva. Try Episode 113 of the Podcasts.

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    Jason Kroetsch

    The first Phil show I ever heard was of a waiter who follows customers into the bathroom for tips. Does anyone remember who that character was or the year? It was so long ago I can’t remember.

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    Jason Oberg

    Love these classics! I recall listening every evening during Winter 2004 while in college. I would literally stop studying and laugh so hard I had to brace myself from falling out of my chair! Phil H is the best!

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