The Saturday BSP-Only show!

The return of Dr. Ed Elcott with a special guest, Deluxe Herbert, who manages to get Ed zapped several times by the Overlords while shoveling the usual line of ELCOTT nonsense.

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  • Paul Palfey
    Paul Palfey

    The Oscars. This total self-absorption of the media elites is revolting. Phil is trying to introduce himself into the mix in order to make himself relevant.

  • Paul Palfey
    Paul Palfey

    I actually gain some feng shui from an Elcott episode. I swoon to Phil’s dulcet tones and it puts me into a mood of reception.

    When you are in the mood of reception, it means that you will receive.

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    Steven Burgess

    Speaking as a professional alcoholic, I must insist that ANY cheap beer is good beer, no matter what the occasional drinker might say.
    BTW: Do they still have Safeway’s own label of beer in stores? Brown Derby, quart bottles, and at one time sinfully affordable. (Anything’s better than Budweiser.)
    Oh, yeah: the show wasn’t too bad either.

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    Paul Dintino

    I are not take drugs no more

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    Harold Weber

    I really like how this story keeps developing. The flow of the story with the code words and translations is just awesome. Today’s show was really funny and very creative. The shock torture adds a great mental description to the “if you’re not down with all of the weirdness, you’re all messed up” reference from a previous Dr. Elcott show. The dichotomy of the crazy satire with the soothing background music is really clever and funny. The Disney disclaimer was a great windup to the bit.
    The Lucky Lager beer reference made me laugh as well. Lucky Lager beer was a swill made at a local brewery and was a favorite with drunks. When you would drive by the Lucky brewery the stench in the air was terrible. The reason it was a favorite with drunks was because it was dirt cheap beer to purchase. A 24 bottle case could be had for less than $5.00 with deposit. I knew a couple of dudes that could pound down a case each in a few hours, and then head up to the 7-Eleven for more beer. The bottle caps had a simple picture/word puzzle printed on the inside of the cap. The standing joke among drunks was – if you were sober enough to solve the puzzle, you needed to drink more beer – . No wonder this is a favorite of “Deluxe Herbert”.

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  • Bonnie Kliewer
    Bonnie Kliewer

    It’s always good to hear from Beans Halverston.

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    All hail Elcott.

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    David Gullickson

    Nonsense, indeed.

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