RC Collins, from July 2003, says that many of the soldiers in Iraq are crying too much about the length of their deployment and other perceived bad conditions. RC, a military school cadet, says that he and his fellow cadets would represent the military in theater far better.

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  • isaac herring
    isaac herring

    I’m in 3ID right now and honestly this place even state side is enough to make you cry.

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    Mike D

    National Merit Scholar…that and a nickel will get you a handy wipe for your butt!

    lol, great line

    that rolls off my knife like water

    great awkward line

    Marie, furious: I don’t know what that commandant done with that broom but he should have shoved it someweh, and not in his mouth…what kind of weed is he smokin…he must be gettin weed from someweh…because he talks like a damn stupid jerk!

    RC: I’m gonna take Saddam Hussein’s head out on a stake (belch)

    Marie: he is a disgrace, he is a disgrace, etc.

    God Phil/RC has got these callers riled up, great bit

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