Phil interviews Chris Norton, telemarketer and aspiring adult film producer, over an incident Friday in which Chris says he was “assaulted” by a lesbian couple. Reverend Dave Castorini from the Castorini Youth Ministries says that all Shirley Roper of Westboro Baptist needs is a lot of good, decent sex. But once he sees her face he tells Phil “this will take $50,000 minimum.”

Episode 432 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • Marlena Berry
    Marlena Berry This is just odd. The internet is absurd

    • Phil Hendrie
      Phil Hendrie

      Someone trying to start a new search engine I think

  • Paul Palfey
    Paul Palfey

    If I win the Phil Hendrie action figure, I promise not to make it into a voodoo doll.

    Technically, though, I don’t even need the action figure.

    Go figure:

  • Anthony Andre
    Anthony Andre


    Please please please bring back Lloyd Bonafide. Is is my favorite. I would gladly pay 50$ a month for just more of him.



    • Phil Hendrie
      Phil Hendrie

      You pay $50 a month and I’ll bring him back

  • Avatar

    Dave’s right… it would take a LOT of money.

  • Andrew

    God damn it, I always miss the periscope chats. And I’m a cheap ass audio only bsp so I’m not eligible for the site chat (I’m not actually cheap, I just consume the show via audio only, because I can work while I listen). I blame Margaret.

  • Avatar
    victor maceo

    Cant find it, one of the best Tsunamis Sam bits, where you are interviewing him during one of his blue’s deals, and you have to hang up on him because he refers to Helen Hunt, oh mannn it was funny, have him do some blues one day

  • Avatar
    victor maceo

    not much for many newer movies but I really enjoyed the movie Nightcrawlerm, with jake gyllenhally, got the whole phychopath, videographer, lots of shots of the valley, guess because it was shot there, one scene he propositions rene russo, really creepy, but classic

  • Bobby in Texas
    Bobby in Texas

    Just signed up for a Yearly backstage pass. I’ve been listening to the podcast and you made me laugh my ass off on Periscope today so I figured I would sign on up.

    • Avatar

      I signed up for the year pass too about a month ago. I’m a novitiate south. Worth every damn cent. I didn’t even know Phil was out there until a few days before that. I defer. Cheers to new BSP’s and double cheers to the long time BSP’s.

  • Scott Eric
    Scott Eric

    i actually collect and proudly display figures
    so if you want to give it to a good home, hey! give it to me!

    oh and look at that
    im a backstage pass member!

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