Paul “Tubby” Lane, supposed NASCAR “legend,” argues in favor of slowing track speeds down to below 100 mph. He talked with Roger Penske once who told him freeway driving was more dangerous, so Paul also wants drivers to use turn signals and maps. From August 2002.

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  • James Gray
    James Gray

    Hahahaha this is so great. Phil you are the best troll and satirical person I have ever heard speak. The level of believability you put into these characters makes me forget sometimes that its you doing the voice and I have been listening for 5 or 6 years now. Very good job on the old format and new format. I also love the interesting topics you poke fun at, Nascar fans gotta be pissed when they heard this on the radio ROFL.

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    Mike D

    Reminds me of the Paul Tubby Lane bit where he barges into a neighborhood bar while away from home and tries to get them to watch a different sporting event and gets thrown out. Heading for a DUI later on.

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