Phil talks with Herb Sewell and Vernon Dozier about the humiliation of “carrying Subway’s slop jars” and “wearing their paper hats” while Jared “runs free.” And other frivolity…

Episode 456 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • gary lewin

    pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese keep Lloyd. I beg you.

  • Herb Sewell

    please keep and bring on more Loyd,, I havew two words that will convince you,,, “Dick Steelworth” Herb

  • Herb Sewell

    im voting for Herb and Walter for president,,,and please let me back into chat,,,, I must be heard,, I will not use filthy language,,, Bonnie , please ask Phil to allow me back in,,, Kisses to all……..

  • john

    Bi Sur…..

  • David Wilson

    Love Lloyd, please bring him back!

    • Patrick Crosby (aka San Clemente Moose)

      Love especially when Lloyd tells how he single handedly fought off a whole bunch of young punks! Like the Ilya Muromets figure of Russian folk lore. (Do a youtube search of Ilya Muromets + Gliere. It’s a musical depiction of Ilya Muromets and his buddies by Josef Stalin’s favorite composer. Sounds like first rate movie music. Only it was written in 1911. Something they have never done live at Hollywood Bowl, but really should).

  • John Barr
    John Barr

    anyone but me want a mouth siren cop,aka lloyd bonafide, ringtone ?

    • Darren Webb
      Darren Webb

      Put me down for one

  • jason bell

    Whoever kills of either Lloyd or Shaw just understand that I will cut yoooooooooo.

  • Bonnie

    Have fun at Big Sur Phil.

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