Herb Sewell is an ex-child molester who recently took a job as a local mall Santa to help him research for a book he’s writing. From November 2005.

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    DUDE, this episode was brilliant!

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    It was 350 pounds! Killed me.

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    I have to wonder about Pete Bone’s position….,”.Bone till he get’s there 2020 “

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    Sewell in ’16. (Independent ticket) I about wrecked a Honda laughing. Truly one of Phil’s best bits

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    I’m looking for Sara

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    I am looking for an old bit where they’re snorting meth of a double side dagger or broad axe

    • Mark Monette
      Mark Monette

      You may be thinking of Dean Wheeler. I believe it was the mistress Tina. Not an easy one to find.

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    The real question that everyone was afraid to ask Herb is, “When you have a child on your lap, do you start to “sport a chubby”? Maybe some kid might ask, “Santa, Do you really like me, or is that a roll of quarters in your pants?”

  • Tom Tatham
    Tom Tatham

    This has to be one of my favorite bits of all time. When Travis calls in and Herb starts “having fun with the boy”…. priceless!

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    I ahhhhhhhhh understand Mr Seewell has a rather ummmmmmmmmm large North Pole…….. haaaaaaaaaaaaa.. love it.. Walter says hi… kisses

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    jason bell

    I love Mr. Aaaahhhh Herb Sewell Ahahahahaha.

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