Don Micksa may be trading in his professors cap for the summer for a microphone as he considers doing play-by-play for the Boontown Rabid, an unaffiliated minor league club in Washington state. Doug Dannger is signing copies of his two new autobiographies “I’m A Gay Man” and “I’m A Gay Journalist” at a bookstore in Orange County, and Phil and the panel try to make sense out of that one…

Episode 356 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • Diane Shalom

    Darn thing keeps cutting out and it’s really annoying. I am talking about streaming. couldn’t even get last nights show. What’s going on?

    • Phil Hendrie
      Phil Hendrie

      Diane, some problems with streams stopping and starting may have to do with your computers speed or your connectivity. Also, Friday night there was a flurry of work being done on the site. The server may have been affected intermittently

  • Frank

    So far i love the new site! Only downside is previously watched shows arent highlighted. I dont know if its a settings thing or a lost feature. So for now i take a screenshot so i know what episode im on.

    Either way thanks Phil for constantly evolving!

    • Alex

      We changed it so that new links are gold and previously visited links are white. Should remedy that!

      • Anthony Santoro, Jr.

        glad you did—-thanks!

  • Karen

    Profile info settings and photo options?

  • Karen

    Volume control on streaming audio?

    • Alex

      Streaming audio and video is now being delivered via HTML 5, which means it’s your web browser and device that controls the volume.

  • Everett Cook

    Keep on keepin’ on Phil..they’ll fix the site eventually and you’re not the first to up a whacked a matter of fact I think it might qualify you to broker health insurance..

  • Bonnie

    Sorry, I didn’t know your site can handle a whole lot of traffic.

  • ron

    Love the show Phil – very entertaining.

  • Bonnie

    I love Don Micksa because he’s from my area.

    • Reg Rodriguez

      Don’s voice is awesome, especially when he’s “squirreling”.

  • Rogelio Campos Jr
    Rogelio Campos Jr

    I guess us “AUDIO ONLY” members are sub-BSPs. Not even good enough to chat with the Thetans and Phil L Hubbard. I knew buying that Starbucks coffee every morning would catch up with me. Decisions … decisions.

    • TwiceRemoved77

      Well it’s not that it’s costly, it is just that I can’t sit and watch on the internet, I get too fidgety and distracted by all things connected to the keyboard and mouse. Walking around the homestead/workplace with my ipod/android tablet is where it’s at for podcast listening for me.

    • Rusty Bryant

      I’m fine with being an audio-only subscriber. There’s tiers of premium in everything in life. Phil decided he wants his full access subscribers to have video and chat access too, thats fine. I don’t really need either of those. As long as I get the saturday shows and access to the archives, I’m good.

  • John Pace

    Is this introductory chat only available for the All-Access members?

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