A discussion of sports radio with David G. Hall and Doug Dannger’s two…that’s right…two new autobiographies. Travel writer Karl Slinter also guests.

Episode 355 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • Karen

    Phil, I think this new website gots you frisky! weeeeee!

  • Brent Bradley
    Brent Bradley

    Phil…Mike Calta used to go by “Cowhead” and has been a DJ here in Tampa for a long time. Mike Calta and Bubba used to be friends and have worked together a lot in the past.The feud is mainly do to Bubba being fired from doing morning drive on The Bone 102.5 a CBS radio station. Mike was doing afternoon drive and was moved to morning drive (Bubba’s old time slot) When Bubba found a new radio station in Tampa Bay he went after Mike’s show, in my opinion, to let Tampa know “I’m back”. I enjoy Bubba show but stopped listening to him because all he did was put down and prank Mike’s show over and over again. He should have taken your advise and just did his thing and his listeners would have found him. He did have the number one morning show in Tampa Bay when his was fired.

  • Jason

    I wish Phil was on Bubba 98.7 (Bubba The Love Sponge) and his new network. Phil would fit in perfectly

  • Jason

    “New Pants Respect” Oh.. man.. So good. Are we ever gonna get the “Fishing Show” again. I thought that was great. Thanks for making my day Phil. Great show today

  • Andrew Hurst

    I’d love to see this on a marquee…

    ‘TONITE ONLY!…Steve Crappcan & Daffy Duck Dunn!’

    • Andrew Hurst

      …with Special guest…Booger Tree Jones.

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