Curt Queedy and Guy Barton from the West Virginia statehouse paid us a visit tonight. The state senators have introduced a bill that not only allows air traffic controllers to take much needed nap breaks during their shifts but also affords members of the West Virginia legislature the same opportunity. “I am tired. I’m ready to fall out,” says State Senator Queedy and his bill would allow him and Guy and others to sack out for about four hours a day.

Next came Doug Danger, gay man and gay journalist, who is anxious to see a California bill that would allow the teaching of gay history to be rapidly implemented and he wants no input from straight parents, only gay parents. He says gay parents carry the stories of tribal traditions from their gay ancestors. Doug also has his “Gay Road Show,” a collection of LGBT people he’ll parade in front of the kids for a quarter.

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    sittle, your still listening??? lol

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    sittle, you're such a phag.

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    Kurt and Guy, unfunny setup, interesting concept… Nap time for politicians, based off of Air Traffic Controllers latest contre-temps.

    Typical PHS slop, no material, no escalation, no laughs. The callers are dictating the phlow of the show, and they aren't particularly good.

    Got a little funnier (ie: a chuckle) with the "Hog Waddle" and "Mother Jumper", but that was at the 6 minute left mark.

    Dougs setup wasn't bad, decent patriot bait (could've been a little more insidious in the way the program was being introduced to the classroom) and genuinely funny. Good use of the character, great jokes.

    It's gets a lot phunnier after the 20 minute mark as Doug describes how gay parents have a need to pass down the gay traditions of history… a spoken gay. HA HA!

    The rest of the bit was decent, no other escalation, but Doug was performed well and had some funny comments.

    Nice appearance from Marg in the third hour! Funny!

    On the Doug Dannger scale : 4 gay thumbs down and 2 gay thumbs up!

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    Hilarious show, those 2 are my favorite characters Curt and Guy from West Virginia (:

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    Careful with the parodies of gay history, or you'll have the 'gaystapo' on you and, like poor Kobe & David Stern, find yourself having to make public apologies & do community service as penance for your horrible homophobic crimes.

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