Tonight we had in Chris Norton, a 28 year old telemarketar from Redondo Beach, California talking about how women like a man to “wheel them around, grab them by the shoulders and force a kiss on them because that’s what they do in the movies.” Chris did it….and got a sexual battery charge.

Then Larry Grover, chairman of Conservatives of Kern County joined the show to talk with Phil about a philosophical conflict he is having: Should he support the Westboro Baptist Church’s right to protest at military funerals or should he respect the right of the military family not to be harassed with hate while they lay their loved one to resgt? Larry is so torn he starts to cut himself on the air with a double-edge razor blade.

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    Lmfao. Very clever.

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    Great comments from everyone. Good dialog!

    This is off the subject, has nothing to do with the above episodes, but:


    Gotta love it!

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    I almost wet myself just reading the Norton scenario. His sessual energy comes off the screen in a powerful way just in the description of the set-up.

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    Jason has no SENSE of humor. With few exceptions.

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    Hire me for your producer.

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    The Larry Grover bit was flipping amazing, that is all

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    HA HA!! Good point Metcalfec! Thanks!

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    @sittle wouldn't it be staphph?

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    Chris' segment setup isn't very funny, it is borderline entertaining. There isn't any really good scenarios' given, just Chris' insistence that he believes women are looking for a strong man. Would've been a great spot to dissuss the russy pelican and some of his sessual conquests.

    The bit seems to have a hard time getting callers on the line and the reset after the 20 minute mark was really heavy handed, convoluted and sloppy. The bit presented every oppourtunity for Phil to escalate the material, but instead the material focus' on Chris and his aggressive kiss… snoooooze… He could've tried to cop a feel, dry humped, worked his sessuality… but no… just an "aggressive" kiss…

    Nice timely reference to Brokeback Mountain… how current…

    More often than not tonight Chris spoke without his lisp… especially evident with x sounds at the start of the segment. He got it back when he spoke the line "sessuality and sensuality", but lost it when saying things like "Sexual Battery" and any other instance like that… WTF…?

    Larrys setup was decent, a bit long on time and short on material. It's a great concept, and good patriot bait…. Larry is torn between who to support. The cutting scenario was humurous, but only convoluted the material.

    Cutting seems more like a liberal trick… Conservatives enjoy gunplay…

    Either way the callers seem reluctant to call in, but Larry's on air cutting is hillarious. It only could've only been better had Viola Grover came in the bathroom or on the line to find out what Larry was doing.

    Nice caller : "This isn't radio for conservatives by conservatives, this is radio for patriots by patriots"… the patriot washing is paying off.

    The conversations with the callers, for the most part are uninteresting, and dull, however, Larry's cutting, whimpers and cries are hillarious.

    On the Dannger scale 4 gay thumbs down, 3 gay thumbs up.

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    My thoughts exactly Jaymz…

    Further: the staph does take notice of the comments…

    No one is phorcing anyone to read the comments.

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    What a bunch of whining, complaining lot of biatches some of you are just because sittle reviews the show and you can't handle it. Why don't you take sittles review with a grain of salt and let it go? No one is forcing you to read his comments. If Phil doesn't like the reviews he can make a comment right here in the comments section and tell sittle to 'eff off.. The rest of you complainers can retire and go back to your impoverished tropical islands.

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    Poor sittle, you just know he's been sitting in front of the computer for the last 3 hours with a thesaurus and a dictionary banging out a review for this show to get a little attention for himself. The rest of us have been doing something useful with our lives, like watching porn or playing video games….ok, so maybe we aren't doing anything THAT useful, but I still feel for you, man. I'm going back to my private tropical island where I'm retired at 45, just like that other guy.

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