Art Griego, retired commercial pilot, came on in the first hour to blast pilots and aviation authorities for not having the guts to fly through the Iceland volcano smoke and soot. It was Art’s opinion that today’s pilots are superstitious. Everytime they see a volcano they think of the show “Lost” and some Stone Age pygmy warming up a soup pot for them. The following hour, The Phil Hendrie Show Vice-President of Syndication, David G. Hall, joined Phil to explain to him the secret of Glenn Beck and Fox News: lying. David tells Phil that if Phil lies boldly and effectively (Obama is going to nationalize all hospitals and the oil industry) people will believe him and he’ll be rich. Simple as that. People would rather hear lies anyway. In the final hour, Margaret Grey calls in to explain why Whitney Houston has been struggling with her singing. Margaret is harrassed every time she tries to sing though by Bud, who keeps hitting the sound effect of a fog horn. Bit ideas from Glen.

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    Hey Phil,
    I just watched the preshow for the first time. That’s awesome. Throwing around Listener bit ideas. Very cool. Thanks for the Comedy

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    The guest voice has too much feedback on it or something, it is so muddy that I have to turn my stereo up to hear it, then Phil comes back and blows my ears out. This wasn’t an issue on the pre 2009 episodes. Can this be fixed?

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    Weird i just downloaded it again and it seems correct now. u must have fixed it since i downloaded it last night.

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    Is it just me or are the mp3’s labeled backwards?
    I only heard the last hour live on the radio and it was Margaret Grey but the hour 1 mp3 above is Margaret Grey.

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    Man I love this whole thing with penguins tell Art what to do! I couldn’t stop laughing!

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    The David G. Hall segment is so sad.

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