Starting the show tonight we had Ted Bell proposing a new “7 day work week.” “We gotta know what we got in this country,” said Ted. He believes the American people are soft. They think the weekend off is their inalienable right….like health-care. In the second hour Phil talked about the volcano in Iceland and the climate-change possibilities. He took a call from Herb Sewell briefly with Herb saying he’d never kidnap an autistic child. “I don’t kidnap droolers.” Phil threw him off. In the final hour, Vernon Dozier sounds increasingly anxious as he tells Phil the volcano in Iceland is a threat to life on the planet. His students told their parents to be prepared but they came back to class telling Vernon their parents didn’t care. Vernon then took the class out to Azuza Canyon to see some caves used once by Chinese railroad workers. He told the kids that the volcano could force them into cave-dwelling where they’d become like Morlochs in the book “The Time Machine”, eating the Eloi.

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    dear Phil… i would dearly love to hear what the good Father McQuarters has to say about those autistic kids… would he hate their SLaaaaaaaaaberrr??? Please ohh please ask him,, i need to piss my self laughing.. thanks,, signed… a sick bastard//

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    God help me…I love Vernon so!! 🙂

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    I am showing my seventeen year old your live show prep – he finally see the difference between complete ad-lib and ad lib with a trajectory, and is redoing his homework. YOU RULE!

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    I’d agree to work on Saturdays and Sundays if Ted would just shut up…. AND, if he would serve a properly prepared medium-rare NY strip. (My last one was definitely medium-WELL) Thanks. Out.

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    If I agree to work weekends can I borrow Ted’s Mercedes loaner that he refuses to be seen driving?

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