Hour 1:

Phil talks about a parking lot altercation he got into with a lady that works at Premiere Radio. “Easter Egg Hunt” Roland Schwinn from “Fat Pride” joins the program to talk about the Camp Bountiful Easter Egg Hunt where he will be nude hiding eggs and gi

Hour 2:

“Annual Easter Message” Program director David G.Hall joins the program to share his annual Easter message: Christ was a Jew and the Italians killed Jesus! . keywords: dr.suess, shellfish and ham

Hour 3:

Phil talks about the horrible feeling you get after you eat Turkey and the Carl’s Jr. chain of restaurants. “Easter Bunny Staredown” A caller named Don is having a problem with the Easter Bunnies in his house staring at him… Psychologist Dr.Jim Sadler c

  • Susan

    Hour 3 – Don getting bent over by the chocolate rabbit in the fridge has me laughing my ass off. Dr. Sadler’s calm tone of voice saying “you think the chocolate rabbit is going to rape you”?

    Don: Don’t use the mayonnaise. Olive Oil!

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