Classic Hour

A visit to Ted’s of Beverly Hills. Phil talks to Chef Carl Chodillia about his new restaurant, “Chef Chod’s.” Also RC Collins is working temporarily with Rudy Canosa at the Ted’s bar. And we meet RC’s dad, Chris Collins.

Then for the BSP Classic Hour it’s Bobbie Dooley, who joins the program to discuss a paralyzed firefighter that lives in her community who she is trying to keep from installing a wheelchair ramp at his house. From April 2000.

Episode 626 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    One of the best episodes ever!!!!!!! So funny!!!!!!!!

    General:You can go back to 99 and die.

    Gray:There are no time machines.

  • Raymond

    RC Collins is in my top 3 favorite characters.

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    Great to see Phil in a good mood. Chode chowder…..hilarious…

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    Hay Phil how about a few more IRONSWINE bits from Bud and Robert…. Thanks

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    Funny stuff Phil…….did the chef say “choka tuna”?

  • Chris

    Chode! One of the greats!

  • Christian

    You can’t catch epilepsy from a cat!

  • michael

    My first day as a BSP and I can’t focus on work after hearing the discussion on Chef Carl’s new franchise. Thanks a lot Phil !!!!!

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      Welcome to the family Michael. I’ve missed whole days of work before because of Phil!!

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    My favorite Prince song sung by someone else was Sugar Walls by Sheena Easton. No misconstruing of the message there. “Your bodie’s on fire, ‘come’ inside…. My Sugar Walls!” Wow… Prince wrote the song under the pseudonym Alexander Nevermind. In the movie “Phonebooth”, he’s in the one across the street from the Sugar Walls sex shop. Enjoyed your bitchin ass show today!!

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    Chode Chowder was great, but “Coca-Choda” made me spit my coffee all over the place!! LMAO!!!! Damn!!!
    Chef Carl Chodillia has now become my favorite character!

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