Don Parsley, the career conman who’s been caught up in some of the most bizarre swindles in American history guested this morning with a tale of kindness to a stranger gone all wrong. The crew had been discussing the story of toys being taken from the grave-site of an infant and Don mentioned being involved in taking a car that had been the property of a heart attack victim. Parsley said there’s a saying, “steal a car from a fat man and live seven years,” and he was going on that although everyone was confused as to what that meant; live only seven years or live seven more years…

Margaret reveals that Cliven Bundy was a sex partner of hers while she was filming a pilot for CBS called “Bunkhouse” in the sixties…

PCarano of Des Moines, Iowa was our All Access BSP iPad winner this morning! Stay tuned, because this is kicking off our customer appreciation month. We’ve got much more in store for you next month!

Episode 107 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    tom vitek

    Hey Phil – loved the iPad giveaways. I didn’t win but it was fun listening to you interact with us BSPs.

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