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Friday, April 29, 2005

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Hour One:

Clip from Coast To Coast AM where George Noory had Phil doing a Walter Cronkite impression to mess with Richard C. Hoagland's head....Phil talked about doing pre-games for the Atlanta Falcons radio broadcasts...Florida becomes another state that will ticket creeps going slow in the fast lane......Phil orders Chinese but can't understand the guy. Bud speaks Mandarin apparently so he jumps on the line....Another edition of "Scared Straight: Starbucks!!!".....

Hour Two:

Herb Sewell gives everyone the willies by saying he's moved into a neighborhood to "complete vital research" on a book he is writing and he hasn't registered as a sex offender because he doesn't want "over-eager house fraus coming down to my house and throwing rocks through the windows...." David G. Hall calls from his Friday night bowling league to say he doesn't want Sewell on anymore. He tells Phil to talk more about Beckham. He's "real popular over here."......Phil teaches people how to surf the net. Just enter "gay man and a gay journalist" into any search engine.....

Hour Three

Chris Norton wants to insure, through the pre-nup, that guys don't have to take a polygraph if their fiancés or wives go missing....Stephanie, Mary, and Judy tell Chris that basically what he wants is the legal guarantee of not being prosecuted if a man kills his woman....Chris responds "he may go temporarily insane when he finds out she's pregnant and leave her in a swamp under a bridge. It's a quid pro quo for promising to marrying her in the first place." He's a turd


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