Hour 1: Brass Villenueva is a valet at a swank West Los Angeles restuarant. He says that once you give him the keys to your car, he can, by law, use the car to “get a bucket at KFC or a sandwich….but only if it was an emergency.” In the past, valets that work for him have borrowed patrons cars only to be involved in police chases or traffic stops that turn into drug busts. Naturally Phil isn’t buying it but Brass says, “right there on the ticket it says we are not responsible for stolen and damaged property so I’m not resposnsible for it being stolen even though, technically, I stole it.”

Hour 2: Steve Bosell, a contractor from Corona, California has filed a civil suit against a group of male neighbors who were over at his home playing ping pong. During the evening, Steve mentioned that he thought Osama Bin Laden was fashioning himself after some of the villains in the James Bond movies. His neighbor Roy Hutchins piped in and said, “Oh really Steve…then did Lex Luther bomb Pearl Harbor?” Everybody laughed including his son Steve Jr.

Hour 3: Herb Sewell is on to talk about a documentary he is making about the mistreatment so many father’s get. And this becomes so apparent on Father’s Day. Herb’s three children haven’t talked to him in 7 years. They stopped around the time their mother died. On a family trip driving up the Grapevine, north of Los Angeles, Herb’s wife Diane started talking too much. Herb said he had a real problem with her not being quiet. The next thing Herb realized is that he was pushing her out of the car. He spent 6 years in a federal men’s facility.

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    Don Sloan

    Hour 3: One of the greatest Herb Sewell bits. His crazy laugh is one of Phil’s best creations.

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