Father James McQuarters was our in-studio visitor this morning. He discussed with us at one point exorcism and his encounter with a “kid that was faking it. I stood over him and began the incantations and so forth and the kid reached up, just like Linda Blair did in that G.D. movie, and grabbed a hold of my nut sack.”

Dr. Jim Sadler discussed ‘body dysmorphia’ which is a condition people with anorexia have; that is seeing a body shape that isn’t there. At that moment a colleague of Dr. Sadler’s walked by and asked Sadler if he had “body dysmorphia of the dick.” Sadler, as usual, hung up with his feelings hurt.

Margaret Grey joined Bobbie Dooley for the Bobbie Dooley Podcast and discussed the “demonism of some of the music that Phil plays.” They concluded that kids aren’t at risk, just the parents. Margaret in fact smoked a joint with Frank years ago in a parked car while listening to Venom and felt a phantom demon hand “crawling up my inner thigh to the crotch of my panty-girdle.”

Episode 92 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    Pure nuance when the Father says “Excuse me, General” as he tries to get to a live mic. Love it!

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    carla kaminski

    You can all go find another show to listen to.Shut up and quit complaining.

  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams

    Steven and Bonnie I agree, father McQuartes saying GD was horrible, he is swearing every other word now. TOO MUCH! I like the archives better.Yes James you are right everyone is saying GD now and not everyone does that in real life.

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    Steven Burgess

    Show seems to have entered something like its senility.
    Whether there’s a correlation with the hyper-profanity coming on — who knows?
    The characters work best when they are just that: the ones we identify with; unlike real life, these folks evolve, or devolve, into artistic oblivion.
    Like your mama said: Cussing is just evidence of a lazy mind.
    Even comic genius has to use it in small doses.

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    scott ehlers

    God damn all of you, I fucking love it.

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    John Pace

    *To … Phil likes TO post stuff…

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    John Pace

    Yeah, Phil likes post stuff on Facebook and Twitter that says people who cuss a lot are more honest.

    While that may be true, they also sound a lot dumber. I’d like to see the stats on that.

  • Paul Palfey
    Paul Palfey

    I’m thinking all the swearing is supposed to be avant-garde. Maybe it’s a Hollywood thing.

    Clearly, the guy has anger issues.

  • Bonnie Kliewer
    Bonnie Kliewer

    Yes, I lost some respect for Father McQuarters when he started saying GD. A real priest would never do that. I hate to say it, but the show isn’t as funny with all the swear words.

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    Donald Guill

    Hey Phil have you heard from that fuckin Loyd Bonified. You should get him and the General together that would be a fuckin riot.

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    James Schooley

    any chance of reducing the constant and unending use of the word GD ? also I was raised catholic as well and portraying this priest as some perverted drunken maniac is a little out of bounds . Please remember just because you can say a thing doesn’t mean you should say a thing . I love your show Phil and have listened faithfully for years . I’m just saying now that you have a venue to say whatever you want . don’t descend into the mindless wasteland of south park . thanks and love the characters

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    Morgan MacArthur

    i’m not sure of the consensus, but I never really listened to the pre-show because of the language. it’s just jarring. i don’t know people that converse that way i guess.

    i listened to the seasons of football that weren’t on the radio, and it was still relatively clean.

    again, it’s a matter of opinion, but staccato use of the f-word loses a lot of the humor of all the strange ways characters would say things without running afoul the fcc. it also makes it very very clear these are less characters now and more just phil doing voices. and then to say ‘excuse me’ every time just draws even more attention to what seems like attempted edginess.

    i know phil on the radio was a character too, but i loved that character– the put-upon and occasionally hapless professional guy just trying to keep this zoo of fools afloat while the on-air light was lit.

    that’s about it, and i can’t truly complain what with decades of classic stuff to enjoy. but i do think it’s worth considering.

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